Anti Aging.



Teledontics was developed around the importance of sleep, and how crucial it is in order to live a long and healthy life. There is no doubt that not only adequate amounts of sleep, but also the efficiency of sleep are necessary for a multitude of reasons. Here are a few important benefits associated with quality sleep:

  • Improves memory

  • Helps you maintain proper weight, and lose weight

  • Makes you smarter

  • Reduces depression

  • Repairs the body

  • Good heart health

  • Prevents cancer

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Makes you alert and aware

Teledontics & Telegnathics

Teledontics complements the Telegnathic protocol which has been advocated by the American Association of Orthodontists’ 2019 white paper and American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s 2019 Case Book of Sleep Medicine, “The most effective protocol for treatment of OSA”.

Teledontics and Telegnathics or non-retractive Orthodontics and Orthognathics for treatment of pharyngorfacial disordered including sleep apnea have been introduced in numerous peer reviewed publications especially by two recent medical textbooks:

The first one titled “Metabolic Therapies in Orthopedics” Second Edition published in 2018 by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, written by thirty- five MDs and PhDs and edited by researchers and scientists from John Hopkins Medical School. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis is an international professional publisher, known for its rich and comprehensive publications in biomedical, medical and dental research. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis is one the world’s respected academic publisher of the books and influential publications which are indexed in internationally recognized databases, such as - Pub Med.

The second textbook titled “Case Book of Sleep Medicine,” Third Edition published in 2019 by American Academy of Sleep Medicine and written by more than hundred MDs and PhDs and edited by researchers and scientists from Michigan and Case Western Reserve Universities. American Academy of Sleep Medicine is an international authority in the field of sleep medicine and is professional publisher, known for its rich and comprehensive peer-reviewed publications in sleep medicine research and is one the world’s respected academic publisher of the books and influential journals and publications which are indexed in internationally recognized databases, such as - Pub Med.

Why it Works

Although traditional Orthodontics has its place in the treatment of misaligned and crooked teeth, Teledontics goes above and beyond the standards of traditional Orthodontic treatment and care. In Teledontics, the main treatment goal is to ensure proper functionality of the airway, TMJ, and bite of the patient. Additionally, where Teledontics really differentiates itself from traditional Orthodontics is the ability to start treatment on children as young as 2-3 years old in order to properly guide and influence their facial growth to ultimately avoid airway issues, TMJ issues, bite issues, and facial deformities later in life. Unlike traditional Orthodontic treatment which may have to be repeated several times in life, Teledontics treatment offers a PERMANENT treatment option for life.

Teledontics promotes prevention. It focuses on sleep and self-regeneration, anti-aging, rejuvenation and longevity. It allows patients to participate more fully in their care, promoting optimal systemic health. It emphasizes on mind-body wellness; sleep, oxygenation, hydration, nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction. 

The Pharyngorofacial Complex

The Pharyngorofacial Complex

Teledontics works with the body’s innate powerful healing mechanisms from within triggered by diet, lifestyle and simple metabolic approaches. It incorporates the emerging technologies for human body’s regenerative potential. The new age therapies that accelerate the human body’s self-healing mechanisms and longevity.

The pharyngorofacial complex alike and along with systemic musculoskeletal system is especially responsive to the innate healing mechanisms. The healing and adaptability of muscle, bone and connective tissue is rooted in the fundamentals of metabolism. Correcting sleep and metabolism in each of these examples confers a healing advantage to a troubled musculoskeletal system.

How it Works

The science of Teledontics is a personalized approach, and will vary between each individual patient. It is ideal to see patients in the earliest stages in life as possible, which allows the clinician to take preventative measures in order to eliminate all possibilities of Sleep Apnea occurring later in life. This works by creating a healthy Pharyngrofacial environment non-surgically, to promote proper growth of facial structures, nasal cavity, dental arches and lower jaw in young patients. In adult patients where preventative measures may no longer work, there are still many non-surgical, minimally invasive Teledontic techniques used for the expansion of the upper arches, nasal cavity and lower jaw for enhancement of the upper airway and dentofacial harmony. With the use of Teledontic treatment techniques, there has been a proven track record of over 91% for successfully curing Obstructive Sleep Apnea in pediatric and adult patients.

Backed by Science, Proven in Clinic.


Traditionally, combining orthognathic surgery and orthodontic therapy has been used to correct moderate to severe dentoskeletal deformity, which is difficult to accomplish with an orthodontic treatment alone.

Orthognathic surgery is used for the following reasons:

  • Correcting esthetic flaws caused by dentoskeletal discrepancies which is beyond the means of orthodontic correction

  • Correction of TMJ related issues caused by dentoskeletal discrepancies

Teledontics incorporates Telegnathic surgery as the protocol of maximizing the expansion and forward movement of the jaws for the proper correction of TMJ and Obstructive Airway issues. This allows the clinician to achieve results that are not only esthetically optimal, but also functionally precise that last a lifetime! In the most severe cases, an expansion and advancement of 10 mm is usually enough to correct esthetic, TMJ and Obstructive Airway disorders. 

The White Paper released by American Association of Orthodontists amended on March fifteen 2019, about Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Orthodontics states, “Surgery usually is not indicated until craniofacial growth is completed. As a result, the pediatric patient that presents with clear skeletal issues should typically be managed to adulthood in the normal fashion with corrective jaw surgery planned later when the timing of the surgery is appropriate. An exception might be considered in a case where the patient has OSA and a severe skeletal discrepancy. After considering the potential benefits and risks involved (including the need for later surgical revision), orthognathic or telegnathic surgery could be considered. Patients who are unable to tolerate or adhere to PAP and/or oral appliance therapy with an underlying sagittal skeletal discrepancy may be candidates for maxillomandibular advancement (MMA) or telegnathic (>10mm) jaw advancement surgery.”