Teledontics: The Permanent Airway Solution

The science of Teledontics offers exceptional non-surgical treatment options that can prevent, properly manage and permanently cure Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children and Adults
— Dr. Joseph Yousefian- D.M.D, M.S, Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine


Why Orthodontics Falls Short...


Traditional Orthodontics and Orthognathics still have their place in the treatment of crooked teeth, jaws and TMJ discrepancies. Yet until recently, they failed to recognize the relationship between the upper airway, oral cavity, facial structures and its physiological importance for systemic health. Practitioners were unaware that by retracting teeth, setting jaws back or extracting a few teeth here and there in order to make room for crowding teeth could directly impact the patient’s airway in a negative manner. That’s exactly where Teledontics steps in.

The science of Teledontics in support with Telegnathics begins with the identification of the physiological importance of the Pharyng-Oro-Facial (POF) anatomy in the human body. The POF has evolved to carry out the important, life sustaining functions such as: breathing, chewing, swallowing, suckling, speech and facial expressions in culturally modernized humans. This science is the first to recognize the negative effect of POF discrepancies on the systemic health, which can be directly impacted by any change in the oral cavity and facial structures. This idealization is what led to the evolvement of the next generation of functional airway Orthodontics and Orthognathics used for the proper growth, development and maintenance of POF functionality and harmony—Teledontics & Telegnathics

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