What is THe treatment focus?

The treatment focus of Teledontics is to create beautiful and harmonious faces with an optimal bite and airway. The goal is to create a holistic harmony of health, functionality and esthetics.

Does teledontics use extractions?

Never. The concept of Teledontics originated around the concept of eliminating extractions at all costs. The evidence- based science indicates that extractions are unnecessary and often a shortcut to sub-par results, often resulting in a high rate of relapse later in life. In fact, there is tons of research date that shows extraction of adult dentition can lead to the onset of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

If you avoid extractions, how do you deal with crowding?

Great question! Expansion is the name of the game, and Teledontic’s high success rate of curing sleep apnea is due to its ability to properly expand the nasal cavity, upper arches and lower jaw. Often times if patients have had extraction by previous Orthodontics, Teledontics techniques will actually open that space back up, and place an implant at that tooth location.

How does expansion work exactly?

Imagine a garage with a car parked in it. If you make that garage smaller, the car will be forced to backup partially in the alley or driveway. Now in relation, imagine the human mouth. When teeth are extracted and retracted back, the total volume of the oral cavity is reduced. When volume of the oral cavity is reduced, the tongue has only one place to go; back of the airway. This can ultimately cause obstructive sleep apnea in susceptible patients, and why we are anti- extraction!

Will i have any esthetic facial improvements?

Yes! Many of the patients that have gone through Teledontic treatment have experienced significant facial esthetic enhancement and rejuvenation, and oftentimes non-surgically!